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Song A Day NFT Roadmap


Inspired by what the folks over at The Song That Owns Itself are doing, I'm in the early stages of setting up Song A DAO as an LLC that officially and legally owns the copyright to the entirety of the Song A Day catalog.

All Song A Day's royalties, both on-chain-and-off, would then flow into the DAO. Members of the DAO, in exchange for helping the Song A Day catalog achieve it's true purpose (to be heard by as many people as possible) would hold tokens that would entitle them to a percentage of those on-and-off chain royalties.

Moving To A New Contract

Years 1 and 2 were sold on OpenSea's shared storefront contract, and it was a great way to start the Song A Day NFT project. Moving forward, Year 3 will be on it's own ERC 721 contract, and I'll be offering a wrapper for years 1 and 2 as well. I'm working with the lovely folks at BuidlGuidl to make this happen!