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10 Highest Selling Songs

    I've been writing a song a day for15 years and 137 days.That's5,250 songs!

    On this date5/17/2023...

    SongADao Logo

    A new song, every day.

    What is this?

    Song A Day NFT is a growing collection of songs that live on the Ethereum Blockchain. It began over 4 years ago with this tweet:

    Tweet from JMann in 2017 saying he's intrigued by blockchain and has a project idea. He then asked people with skills to DM him

    I've been making one song every day since January 1st, 2009 (Pre-Ethereum!) This project represents my entire life's work.

    Song A Day NFT is also what makes you eligible to become a member of SongADAO.

    The Composition of A S.A.D NFT

    Each Song A Day NFT begins with, you guessed it, a SONG! Every song was hand-crafted by me, day after day, over the course of the last 13 years. You're literally buying a snapshot of my creative life.

    The song is documented by a video - the project has lived on YouTube for all 13 years.

    You also get a totally unique illustration! Each picture is built from hand-drawn layers based on the traits of the song

    Illustrated JMann with arrows pointing to various parts of the image with labels. Mood points to his facial expression, Beard points to his face, Instrument points to the guitar in his hand, Location points to Statue  of Liberty, Topic points to his body

    And each year of S.A.D NFT is illustrated by someone different. No two images are identical, each one is 100% unique. All the images below have the exact same traits!

    • Location: New York
    • Topic: Video games
    • Instrument: Acoustic Guitar
    • Mood: Excited
    • Beard: Beard

    There's also a HIDDEN trait, which is the background color. It represents time, which is obviously an integral part of Song A Day.

    The background color changes hue by one degree each day, so that the background color of Jan. 1 2009 is the same as Jan 1. on every subsequent year. However, the saturation of the color (it's vibrancy), is lowered by one degree year over year. This means that the background color of January 1, 2021 is the same as January 1, 2009, just less vibrant.

    This signifies the slow, inevitable march towards death. YAY!

    3D graph showing how the hues change throughout the years

    All Songs Are Created Equal

    But they're not necessarily the same! Some songs went viral. Some got licensed. Some are YOUR favorite, which means they're objectively the most worth owning. But no matter which song you get, they're all priced the same (Ξ0.2) and they all make you eligible for SongADAO.

    No crazy pricing tiers, no weird fomo curves. Just hit the button, enjoy a random song, and then come into the amazing community that is SongADAO.

      What Do I Get?

    • The Song, for one
    • The Video
    • The Illustration
    • Eligibility for SongADAO

    SongADAO is a legal co-op that owns the copyright to every Song A Day song. That means that if you're a member, you CO-OWN the rights to every single song. The royalties from these songs, both on chain and off, flow into the DAO. In addition, after The Big S.A.D Drop, Song A Day will be auctioned off daily, and all that money goes to the DAO as well. Read all about it here.


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