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In the Time of the Gods

Hands (Oh No!)

Who Do You Think You Are

Elegy for industry

The Airport Song

It Must Be the Weather

EGM, 1up, Goodbye

Boy for Boy's Sake

The Deutsch Positivity Anthem

The Three Rules of the internet

Song a Day Anthem

Everyone's a Little Bit Queer

What Does It Mean to Love a Machine?

I'm Drunk Because the Economy Sucks

Get Well, Steve Jobs

Riding the Subway

I'm So Tired of Capitalism

The Marks Sisters

Snow Day

Stars in Our Eyes

Stay Out of My Body

Obama Makes Me Smile

Barack Obama

Hello, Hello

Love Me a Little Bit More

Speaking Electricity

Up on the Mountain Top

The Fox and the Hen

You Know Yourself

Dark Days

The Day That Google Crashed the internet

Go to Sleep

I Love Battlestar Galactica

(Just Sing) a Happy Song

Come Down Where You Ought to Be

Scarlett Thomas


Little Pink Boom Box

Changing the Color of My Walls

The Ballad of Stimulus Jones

Wolf of the Battlefield


Sanae's Birthday Song

Rock and Roll Cats

The Rain Returned

The Legend of Zelda: Overworld

Life Force

Mummy's on Campus

Get Up off of Your Ass (And Just Do Something)

One of the Lucky Ones

Your Mother Doesn't Love You Anymore (An Extrasolar Anthem)

Zombie Ponies

Geriatrics in Drag

Let's All Go to the Lobby (Fuck That!)


Co-op Theme Song

All My Friends Are Dinosaurs

Marilyn Langois

Shamus and Precious

2100 California St.

Knock Knock

I'm the Same As I Ever Was

Teddy Bear Revolution

The Spyders

Tetris: a History in Song


Zombie Rights, Zombie Dance

A Ringtone for Ivory King

Oh, It's Probably Time

Can We Kick It With Kikkoman (Of Course We Can!)

And They Call It Natural

Penguins Having a Party (2009)

Nano Nano Nightmare

The Number Nine

Don't Give Up, Chrissy

Hey, Paul Krugman

Copying isn't Theft

Saving Newspapers

Spring Equinox

Out My Front Door

Come On, Nouriel

A Long Time Coming (EFCA)

My Obama Neurosis

1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Fun a Day Anthem

You're Doing It Right, Jon Stewart

I am Just a Little Post-It Note

Soren's Song

Jerry Springer

The Close

Ringtone for Mike Trash

Ivory is in the Caribbean (And I Miss Her)


The Ten Plagues


My Baritone Uke and I

1 Week, 5 Days

Ringtone for Shelly

When I Was Born

When the Lighthouse Went Dark

Zombie Banks

Ringtone for Casey

Oreo Love

Ringtone for Jackie

It's Like Trying to Fill a Styrofoam Cup With a Hole in the Bottom

Keyboard Shortcuts

Ringtone for Michaela

Torture Memos: Waterboarding

I am israel, I am Palestine

Cannabis Criminalization: a Short History in Song

Wren the Polyamorous Polar Bear and His Story of Redemtion

Fire Engine Red


Lindsay McCove

Steve, the Hippo With Multiple Personalities

Ringtone for Liam and Keane's Dad!

Don't Let Your Ovaries Get You Down

Swine Flu: the Musical

Lost in the Tubes! a PSA in Song

The Continuing Adventures of Bulldog and the Dude

To: Sarah and Mike From: Meredith and Adam re: Sorry About your bikes

Happy Birthday Shaista

We Are Pattern Machines

Hey, Miss California

You Deserve a Bank Like This

BIrthday Song for Mimi Hughes

Don't Give in to Madness

The Pitch

Roll My Kroalnos Home

Flying to Vienna Pt 1

Flying to Vienna Pt 2

GameDeals Theme

Springtime in Vienna

Why Do Potatoes Argue?

If You're Gonna Do It (Do It Yourself)

Old Man Sleeping By the Side of the Road

There's a Hole in His Hat

Who Will Remain (2009)

The Botanical Gardens of the Univeristy of Vienna

Frodo Uses the Hobbit ATM

A Sleepy German Train Ride

What Are They Gonna Do?

The CCC Anthem

Tarsiers Are My Friends

Meditation on Friends in the Key of G

Floating Orb in Flame

Goodbye Vodka, Voddy

The Smog Gets Thicker

Terror at Arkham (Arkham Horror: a True Story)

Gladiator Meow

A Letter to the Killer of George Tiller Anthem

Half Drunk Mugs of Tea

Saved By the Bell Again

Don't Throw My Shoe at Me

This Here is a Subscribe Drive

Whiskey the Cat (And Other Songs)

Living My Life

Beautiful Way to Live

I Wanna Go Where the Wild Things Are


Isaac Newton Was a Total Badass

Joy and Freedom

We've Been Cooking All Day

I Will Follow You

Matthias Jamison-Koenig

Keep Rocking, Iran

I Quit!


The Day Kangaroos Didn't Hop

What You Think It is

We Don't Change

There's So Much to Know

The Rose of Hillside

You Stole My Money

Happy Birthday, Adrian

I Used to Worship Michael Jackson

The King Has a Bottom

Words Stuck

Down, Down, Down

Take Medium Steps

We'll All Be Fools

Steve Rouse Song

The Book of the New Sun

I've Been Trying to Sneeze for 24 Hours

Palin's Resignation Speech in Song

If Your Love is on Fire

Colors and Light

Hunchback With a Dirty Mind

Time for Summer Now

Mint Magician

I'm From Vermont

Myspace is a Ghost Town

When Harry Met Ginny

Do the Monster Dance

Running Through the internet

Baby, It All Led to You (An Evolutionary Love Song)

The Little Prince

200 Songs

Pictures of Plenty

Bing Goes the internet

I am a Crazy Piccachu

Bike Love

Look at That Deer, Licking That Cat

The Robots Don't Love You Anymore


The Kind of Song You'd Hear in a 90s Noir B-Movie

Two Chords

Games and Sounds

Gone Like the Dodo

Time Capsule

Nic Kaelin

Life With Cha Cha is in Sonic Technicolor

Let Your Ears Decide

Wash Your Hands!

I am MG Siegler

The Big Picture With David Shuster

That Dastardly Villian, MG

I Wrote the Worst Jingle in the World

Do It, Screw It

SkyDiving Through

Bamboo Solutions

Man Did What Some Birds Could Never Do

Fox News is Bad for the Country


The King of Monkeys, Gnomes and Nacho Cheese

What Are You So Angry About?

Please Vote for Me

Tiki the Puppy

Funny Hat

Pop Music

Happy Anniversary the Cat Has Kidney Failure

I am Just a Shadow

Lucky Anthem

GPS With Bob Dylan

I Don't Want to Compete


Goodbye JewFro, Hello Cleanface

This is How We Do It at Bennington

I Got a New Guitar

No Judgements

Cisco Telepresence Anthem

No Judgements v2

Sometimes It's Hard to Keep Yourself Moving

Heart Overflowing

Bicycle Blvd

At the Harley Davidson Museum

Truth in Advertising

I've Got Another Cold

Still Sick

I'm a Bit Better

We Built a Fort

I'm Jonathan

First There Was No Chair

Mirror Revolt

Simian Space Flight

Link Mann

The Android Who Didn't Have a Penis

You Can Do It, Sam

The Sex Machine That Couldn't Love

The Robot That Lived on the Moon and Wished It Were Human

Quantum Decoupling Transition in a One-Dimensional Feschbach Resonant Super Fluid

In Heaven

The Three Rules of the internet

Death in Every instant

Scary Hill


Big Wall Graphics From

How to Defeat the Energy Vampire: the Song

Vulcan Smile

Downstairs Bear

Ardipithicus Ramidus

Hard Drive It Home

You and Me and the Singularity

Sex in Space

Nasa Bombed the Moon

Pants in the Middle

Hey, Mr. Bike Thief

The LARP song

Hey, It's October

Hey, Little insect and Spider

Somebody Needs Your Help

Frack the Dow Jones

Just a Little More Tired

Treasure island

Happy Birthday, Kelly Porter

Psoriasis Cure Now Walk

It's This Rain

Lashes to Riches

Beer Pong

Who Needs Sleep

I'm a Bird, You're a Bird, Let's Get It On

Jesus Said

I Never Promised

Airplane to Tomorrow

Creature of Habit

Keith Valley Middle School

I'm Tired Halloween Weirdness

To Lon Harris Who Called Me Creepy

Cloud Computing for Beginners

I am Just a Messanger

Spell Or Prayer

It May Feel Like Everythings the Same

The Large Hadron Collider Still Doesn't Work

Show Me Your Dorito Face

I am All Alone

Cry, oh Cry, Boo-Hoo So Sad

Winning Feels Good, Losing Feels Bad

20 minutes With the President

Mr. Barry Screwskull, Number Six Hundred and Twelve

The Beating of a Single Heart

Song a Day, Saturday

Sunday Evening Sad, Slow Song

A Wonderful Pistcachio Discovery

The Story of Wandering Fall, Act 1, introdruction

Wandering the Universe

At the Edge of the Universe

And With a Name...

I am Alone


The Story of Wandering Fall, Act 1, Recap

Cold Feet

Get Your Hand Out of the Hunny Pot

Zombie Turkey

Dancing Fin

The Best Day of My Life pt 1

The Best Day of My Life pt 2

It's Good to Be Home

Coors Ad, Collaborationz

Seeing Clearly

Black Holes

Time to Save With VMware

Don't Want to Write My Song Today, Just Want to Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii



Jesus Christ at Christmas Time

Upon Seeing the Twitpic Conversation Between Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

AMC Technology

Pirates Life

A Snickers Noir

A Humble Plea for Database Security

So Obvious

If You Piled Up Everything I Didn't Know Would It Be As Big As the Universe? Oh.

Joseph isadore...Palpatine?

All My Mutant Homies (Say What!)

I'll Be Seeing You

Daylight Savings

Puking My Guts

I'm Weak

Food Poisoning

I Must Be Going Crazy

Happy Christmas Adam From Melissa

The Story of Wandering Fall, Act 2, Scene 1: Blue Blue Oval

The Story of Wandering Fall, Act 2, Scene 2: Monsters Rising

Soldier on Blindly

The Wrong Foot

Time, Time, Time

I'm Losing My Hair

Me, I Write a Song a Day

Happy New Year Everyone From the Mann Family Players

She's Taking Her First Steps

Tiny Wings

Little Masters of Time

Mostly Water With Free Will

Hey, Hey I'm Over Here

Fall Suburbia

We Are Friends

On Cows

Wandering Together

Something, Nothing

An Explosion

Solar Wind

Together Edge of the Universe

Trouble Approaching

Doo Wop Ro Bot

My Friend Johnny Boyd is on the Show 24

She Loves Me

Rubber Deamons : Heathly Angels

Sore Throat


Who Will Remain (Acoustic Style)

Tater Tots and Avacado Shakes

Valentines Day With Groupon

Happy Birthday Sam Douglass

Coyote Hearing

A Man From the Future and the Original Louisiana Hot Sauce

Let's Get Bloody



It's Just One of Those Days

COOP Theme Song Acoustic Style


Link Mann Acoustic Style.


Animal Mind

Reuse! Compost! Recycle! the Song

Got My Red Robe On

Waiting for God to Call

Please Stop

Happy Birthday Sanae! Again

On Valentines Day

Snakes Are, Aren't Scary

I Wanna Know Everyone

Giving It All That I Have Got

The Whiskey Android

This Much I Know

Can't Fly

I Kind of Want An iPad

Fuck You, Day

The Robin Hood Tax

Ringtone for Eóin Fay

Double Take

Don't/Just Give It Away

The Wonders of the Mighty Powerstrip

Lonesome Valley

How is the World Different? Because of you

The Big Thaw With Groupon

Those Gaming Guys

Ben and Jerry's

Juice An Onion



In the Rain




Well, Well, Well

I Was a Dancing Bear

The Legend of Jonathan

Dancing in the Round

Robot Ninja Zombie Bear

Florida Animal Safari Happy Fun Danger Whoa!

Singing in the Wind

Airport Song #2

Kate Mginity Birthday Song

The Way You Are



Don't Get Angry

Zach and Cloe

Sleepy Mustache Man

In the Land of Chatroulette (The definitive Chatroulette song)

Front and Center

The Song

How to Stop the Nuclear Menace (In Song)

Epic, Defined

I'll Be Your April Fool

Hey You!

An Update

Time Hangs on My Body Like An Ill Fitting Suit

Having a Penguin Communist Party

The Jason Workout Song!

Double Life_Half Life

Compostable Bags Make Me Want to Dance

t's My Birthday, I'll Dance Naked If I Wanna

Going Camping at the Hotsprings Yeah

Sleeping for Your Freedom

Good Looking People Who Care About the Environment

The Standing Cat Song

Mother's Day With Groupon!

Time to Panic

Happy Birthday Jane Cowger!


The Smog Gets Thicker (redux)


I Will Break Your Heart

The Casting Duo

The Ending of the World

Donna Jesse Erin and Sam

Roger Ebert is a (Brilliant) Grumpy Old Man

Say So

Go 'Way From Here

The Writing Camp Anthem

Pandora's Box is Open

Feelings Are a Means of Production

Zeaxanthin and Lutein

Koko the intersex Horse

Randy's House

Here We Are

Two Steps to the Left Texas Style

The Sad Little Porn Cassette

Trying to Make Today Matter in the Same Way As Tomorrow

Cedar Properties


Sleepy isaac on His 1st Birthday

On the Wind

Do Your Best

I Want to Be Healthy With Life...Supplemented

Rulemaking Matters: the Song!

The Metromint Jingle

500 (five hundred)

NYVS: the Jingle

Five Hundred and One

Fire in the Sky

The Club Hopper vs. Dr. Boigenstein

10 Billion

Fallen Heroes


The Body Sings

The End is Coming

Nothing's Strange


On My Street

Save Yourself



Apple or Orange

Vitamin D

Father's Day With Groupon

I Didn't Like It (And That's Why I Didn't Put a Ring on It)

Remember When I Said That I Wanted An iPad

Everything is Digital


Sunday Evening

Tuppy Figueroa

This is Today's Song

We're Jews That Don't Care About Money

Jew Wario at E3

The Mermaid of Time

I Love Bocce Ball

Honda Civic: It'll Get You There

One Minute Autobiography in Song

Wrong Way

A Boy From Rural Kentucky and His Fire Breathing Cat

I Want to Boogie With You

Simply Dissonant

A Short Song About Nothing in Particular

I Like It When My Friends Eat the Things I Bake

Mr. Everyman Pirate Packs a Car


Jonathan's New Ringtone

Steve Jobs' Head

I Wanna Be a Gastropod Mollusc

Let's Get Along

And He Kissed Her

Shake Weight Jingle


Let's All Take a Trip

Bones Come to Life

You Are Defined By the People Around You

Gonna Go Downtown Tonight

Me and Ram Dass in a Virtual Photo Booth

The Feeling God

When Natasha Comes to Town

Feel the Weight

Ceiling Fan

Nowhere I Ought to Be

You Love Me the Same Way

Someday I'm Gonna Be Cool Like That

When the Sun Goes Down

Who You Gonna Be Today?

The Little Man

The iPhone 4 Antenna Song

Steve Jobs

The Feeling God

Hello My Old Heart

I Wanna Be Friends With Stephen Fry

I Got a Root Canal

I Wish That There Were More Thunder Storms

Turkeys in the Woods

Purple Smoothie, Purple Shirt

How I Write a Song a Day

The Red Dead Redemption Song

Polly is a Lovely Whale

Short Song, Long Song

Put Me Back Together and I Make No Sense

Happy Birthday, Tokie

Until the Fire Came

5000 Subscribers

Until the Vulcans Call

Bill Cosby is Not Dead

The Sun Erupted Two Times Today

Stay for Free

Shanon Cook

Changes With Regard to What a Man Can/Cannot Do

No Rain!

The Bird That invented the Blues


The Ballad of Steven Slater

That's Just the Woz

Working on the Little Things

Ivory Birthday Song Two Thousand Ten

The Tea Party

In Your Dreams

The Death of Overdraft Fees (A Celebration, a Warning)

Nature's Express

A Song About the Porcupine Who Thinks He's a Dog

The Pocket God Update Song

Technology UGH!

There's a Shark in the Pond

Are You Excited By What Will Be?

The Panda Dance

Is on the Roof Again

And Yet It Moves

Cooking (to be continued...)

Eating, Building, Sleeping, Party

Pakistan Flood Relief ($16.36)

SEO Quotient

The Tech Silicon Valley innovation Gallery

On the Road to PAX

Twas the Night Before PAX

The Duke Nukem Forever Song

The Giantesses' Wish


Deer in the Woods I Love You

I'm Going to the Dentist Again

Let's Burn the Koran! (The song)

The Strange Case of the Hello Farm

Facebook Memories

The Ballad of Terry Jones and his incendiary Bigoted Buffoonery

The End of the World Dance

The Google instant Song

Questions for Coco

The Faerie Chorus

Tell Me Why

When It Rains It Pours

Autotune the Bronado

Steve Jobs is a Secret Ninja!

Oprah Autotuned

Bristol Palin Dancing

YouTube Pre-Roll Ads

Humanity Stands


Lady Gaga DADT Speech Autotuned

The Ballad of Teresa Lewis

The Hippo and the Crocodile

Close Your Eyes

Back to Where I Started From

Congratulations TechCrunch

The Canfield Song

Bennington College, I Love You

There's No Way This Song Will Be Good

Morning, Noon or Night?

Ninja Steve

There's Always(NEVER)Someone Better

As If in a Dream

What a Do Little Day

We Did Not See the Sunset


The Australian Today Show!

Angry Berkeley Housewife in a Jaguar

I've Got An Idea

A Dream State From Which Ye Never Shall Return

The Thing is the Thing

Secret Cat

I Don't Wanna Be Anyone But Me

Happy 25th Birthday, NES

The Rent is Too Damn High

Coco Taco Party Song

What a Glorious Place to Dwell

If Dogs Have Feelings

Richard Saul Wurman Birthday Song

Bury Me Beneath the Ocean (Redux)

An Open Letter to the Bacteria Living in My Body

I Don't Feel Well


In This Crowd


I'm More Sick

Sick As a Dog

It's Halloween, Let's Fall in Love

Rally to Restore Sanity: Singing the Signs


Jeff Cannata's Loving Stuff Song

I'll Be Seeing You (redux)

The Ballad of Johannes Mehserle and Oscar Grant

18,000 Cool Jokes

Daylight Savings (redux)

Robin's Treehouse

Craigslist TV

This Song and Video Are Essentially About Not Having Enough Time

Too Long, Didn't Read

Ninjas, Database Security and YOU

People Only Love You If You've Got White Teeth

Nowhere I Ought to Be (redux)

I Don't Like the TSA

Zombie Turkey (redux)